Long Live The Emporer!

The Stellar Wind

Emperor Stephan's new class of ship

The flight up the gravity well was a quick one. Being on the Emperor's Yacht has its perks. As you approach the shipyards, Stefan turns to look at you. " You should consider yourself lucky you know, Not many get the opportunity to Captain and staff a totally radically different approach to what we've had be for. One of the problems we've had is that some of the more shall we say "independent" systems have been building high speed inventory and we really haven't had any small interstellar ships able to chase and ummm lets say "bring them back to the fold". Let's face it my friend, this Civil War has been hard on everyone and many systems have been forced to rely on themselves instead of the Imperial Throne. Thats about to change"

"Yes your majesty" You reply. "I remember we sort of started that "independant tradition" because we were sort of short on ships and crews if you remember."

"Yes, privateers or crown pirates are a tradition in any war back since even the days of fabled Sol. But you my friend, are going to end that, thats why I designed the Stellar Wind like I did. "

You both feel the Yacht  slow down and look out the window and see the [[H.M.S. I-1 Stellar Wind | H.M.S. I-1 Stellar Wind]]. Dark Grey and Light Yellow paint excentuate the very smooth lines of the Wind. Her outer hull is uniquely shaped almost into a curved bat wing with what was obviously the crew and engineering areas in the center. Not big and blocky like most the other ships in the 200-300 ton range, it was very smooth and curvy, with a smoothed turret on the top and bottom being the only thing that sort of marred what would be as smooth air wing. It was obvious that anyone trying to run and hide in an atmosphere would be in for a very large shock.

"Beautiful isn't she? 100 ton ships just quite can't get the job done. She'll jump 3 parsecs at a time. She's got a 5 grav drive. " he chuckles "she's fast enough to chase down or run from most fighters, she's got the latest in armour, stealth, repair, science packages, Heck find a gas giant and she can even refuel herself. "

"Your job will be to take the Stellar Wind and go announce that i'm the New Emperor. I know that you've been installed as Count Alkevadin and your people there need you. But I need someone I can trust, someone who the people have heard about and know have been an advisor to me during the dark times, someone who can speak with my voice and not embarrass me. Go to the outersystems and let them know they're welcome home. That they'll be protected if they come back  to the fold. You may do other things with her but this will be your primary objective. Will you do this for me?"

He looks at you for your response….




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